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With effect from 4th March 2017, ChessPoint Services has ceased all activities, due to recent low attendances at its Academy. ChessPoint would like to thank all of those people and organisations, who have helped ChessPoint bring chess to the community during the past 10 years.


Welcome to the website for ChessPoint Services.

ChessPoint Services is a community organisation based in Northampton, United Kingdom. It was founded in 2007 to encourage, assist and enable people of all ages and from all backgrounds throughout Northamptonshire to play chess. It can teach beginners how to play and it can provide playing opportunities for people who are unable to attend chess clubs on weekday evenings. Its core activity is the ChessPoint Academy, which operates on most Saturdays.

ChessPoint Services is not a chess club and does not participate in local leagues.

The organisation was founded by Tony Robson, who died in January 2011. More information about Tony can be found here.

Further information about ChessPoint Services can be obtained from its officers, whose details can be viewed by clicking on the "Contact details" link in the menu.

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