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ChessPoint Library

ChessPoint Services has a library of about 50 second-hand chess books, of which most have been donated by Mr. Ollie Killingback, to whom ChessPoint Services is especially grateful.

The books are listed below and regular visitors to the Academy may borrow these for up to 4 weeks at a cost of £1 per book. Any visitor wishing to borrow a book should contact David Miller before an Academy meeting. His details are on the "Contact details" page.

Author Title
Lev Alburt Test and Improve Your Chess
Lev Alburt & Eric Schiller The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
Alexander Alekhine Alexander Alekhine's Best Games
Robert Bellin & Piettro Ponzetto Test Your Positional Play
Robert Bellin Winning with the Dutch
Valery Bronznik The Chigorin Defence
Graham Burgess The Complete Alekhine
Graham Burgess The Guide to the Torre Attack
Nigel Davies Gambiteer 1
Nigel Davies The Dynamic Reti
John Donaldson & Jeremy Silman Dragons
Angus Dunnington Easy Guide to the Reti Opening
Mark Dvoretsky Secrets of Chess Tactics
John Emms The Scandinavian
Glenn Flear The Slav for the Tournament Player
Lubomir Ftacnik The Sicilian Defence
Joe Gallagher The Magic of Mikhail Tal
Lev Gutman Budapest Fajarowicz
T. D. Harding Philidor Defense: a Re-appraisal
James Howell Essential Chess Endings
Sverre Johnsen & Vltatko Kovačević Win with the London System
Igor Khmelnitsky Chess Exam and Training Guide
Daniel King How to Play Chess
Viktor Kortchnoi English Opening A29
Viktor Kortchnoi English Opening A34
Tony Kosten The Dynamic English
Tony Kosten Winning with the Philidor
Bent Larsen Why not the Philidor Defense?
Mihail Marin The English Opening Volume One
Mihail Marin The English Opening Volume Two
Mihail Marin The English Opening Volume Three
Andrew Martin Twic Theory
Jonathan Maxwell Blitz Theory 2nd Edition
Neil McDonald Starting Out: The Dutch Defence
W. T. McLeod & R. Mongredien Better Chess for Young Players
Edmar Mednis & Colin Crouch Rate Your Endgame
Michael Melts Scandinavian Defence
Gennady Nesis Tactics in the King's Indian
John Nunn Learn Chess Tactics
Krzystof Panczyk & Jacek Ilczuk The Cambridge Springs
Tiger Hillarp Persson Tiger's Modern
James Plaskett The Scandinavian Defence
Nigel Povah How to play the English Opening
J. Przewoznik & M. Pein The Blumenfeld Gambit
Zoltan Ribli & Gabor Kallai Winning with the English
Jeremy Silman Silman's Complete Endgame Course
Jon Speelman Endgame Preparation
Jonathan Speelman Analysing the Endgame
Claire Summerscale Chess
Terence Tiller Chess Treasury of the air
Robert G. Wade & Kevin J. O'Connell The Complete Games of Bobby Fisher
Peter Wells The Complete Semi-Slav
Mark van der Werf & Teun van der Vorm Play the Noteboom
Christoph Wisnewski Play 1.…Nc6!

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